To secure the Jewish Tomorrow of our community.
With great focus on Education and our Youth we strive to serve as a vibrant,
loving and warm home. A place of interaction, friendship and learning for all
Jews regardless of background and affliation.


Create a Community Center where each member of our Community feels at
home and strengthens their Jewish Identity.

Goals for Centro’s 10,000 Sq. ft. new building:

• This will be the establishment of the first and only Jewish Brazilian Center out of Brazil and Israel. • Accommodate large crowds for our Community, Social & Holiday Events
• Synagogue with comfortable capacity to host our Shabbat & Holiday Services.
• Accommodate our weekly classes & Networking events
• Provide outdoor space and sports for community life and bonding
• Provide the ability to host in-house Brit, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and other Happy Occasions • Allow the formal creation of our Sunday Hebrew School
• Allow the formal creation of our Jewish After School Hour
• Allow for the creation of a Teen Lounge and expansion of it’s activities
• Establish office space for the further development of the Community
• Allow for the growth and Expansion of our Women’s Circle
– Pilates for Body and Soul – Mommy and me
– Challah Bakes
– Cooking Classes
– And more